Friday, October 1, 2010

White interior

Given interior

Wishes of the customer of the given interior were accurate and simple. The apartment should be similar to apartment of the architect — spacious, filled with light and white.

Fine lay-out of apartment

The apartment is on the top floor of the residential building located in the east of the city of Graz. The house is very successfully located, subcentral, comfortable — with access to balconies and private court yard, with a fine lay-out of apartments.

Having dismantled the majority of walls, architects have transformed standard four-room apartment into a spacious penthouse. There, where division of zones was necessary, glass walls are used.

The apartment

Luxury apartment

Luxury interior


The Angry Vegetarian said...

I absolutely love that.

Splash87 said...

Way Way To white, I need some color on my walls.

Saryn said...

Yeahhh...I think that might be a little too bright for me overall. Looks good, but just not my tastes.

iammyself said...

i'd love a place like this but i can never have one.. too messy!

Arkanyn said...

this is a good idea. white walls is a brutal BTBAM song