Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hi-tech barracks. Chelmsford

Salvation Army

Hudson Architects have constructed new barracks for Salvation Army.

In new buildings the hall for divine services and a hostel has taken places.
At building modern technologies and approaches were used.
The building from a tree with the zinced roof a total area of 900 sq.m. has managed to customers in 2 million pounds sterling. In a place of building the organisation works since 1974.

English barracks

The new centre reflects two making Messiahs, giving to people a place for divine services, and also a shelter, vacation spot and joint activity.
All premises can use simultaneously; here there is a closed sports hall, a place for street games, a rest zone, a kitchen room and foyer, cafe. In a hall for divine services 320 sedentary places are equipped.

The Messiah