Monday, October 4, 2010

Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology

New building

The new building consists of six floors — the new exhibition space, the new educational centre, studios for storage of artefacts and a terrace on a roof where it is located by cafe.

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology by Rick Mather Architects

The project combines two-level and one-storeyed exposition spaces which are connected by rulers of paths and two central ladders. Light a well are located along the edges of a building, allowing to use possibility of natural illumination.

Ashmolean Museum it is constructed in 1683 year and is the oldest museum in Britain. The project of expansion of a museum has been developed in 1999 year.

Ashmolean Museum

Exhibition space

Museum of Art

Museum in Britain

The new building is attached to the central case of a museum, work of architect Charles Robert Cockerell of 1895, initially intended for placing there university, but later, in 1894 year, given to a museum.

Enormous exhibition space

Total area of the new project — 10,000 sq. m. from which 4,000 sq. m. are an exhibition space. In the first week end, after complex opening, the museum was visited by 22,000 visitors.


RoodNverse said...

its a nice build , very nice

Aeacus.Warden said...

looks amazing!

Pope Smurf said...

I wish I could visit it...

Randy Weezner said...

man i love that architecture