Sunday, October 3, 2010

The house for creative people


In it Treehouse the studio and a place for a solitude has settled down. Studio Rockefeller Partners has received the special order from the client, to think up something unprecedented. Working together, architects and the client could finish the project directly on the move.

Small house on a tree

Certainly, actually it not the house on a tree, and modern interpretation. Designers concern a real tree, nearby, with all care and respect.
In a small house the glass aperture in a floor establishes visual connection with a real tree. For furnish of all surfaces of a small house the tree, various breeds and shades is used.

Small house


The small house


Arkanyn said...

i would love to live there

Randy Weezner said...

holy shit, thats the most unique one on your blog so far.

Splash87 said...

Actually looks like a cool little place to hang out.

The Angry Vegetarian said...

I've actually seen this before. I'd love to stay there for a week or so.

WooshBaby said...

It'd be a cool place to hang out at... but to live there...?

TarantulaGuy111 said...

it would be so awesome to live there

CaptiveAudience said...

but what about termites?
A place for motivation, inspiration, and music.

Mutefox said...

Yay treehouse!

Come At Me Bro said...

Love it!

loloriz0r said...

the shower must be fun in the winter :D