Saturday, October 23, 2010

Live calendar


Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has suggested users to recover quite material calendar.

On a white field with dates, according to a smooth course of time, bright ink of the fine colour reminding a cocktail with ice-cream from a bilberry, a strawberry and a raspberry, which now, in the middle of July that is called, in the prime of life… extend.

Every month you need to attach in a place of viewing a blank leaf and new to bank of ink. Daily ink paints new figure which, on idea of the author, should correspond to the calendar.

Future calendar

Ink (it would be desirable to tell "bilberry") the calendar will be shown at an exhibition in Madrid (Diseño con Alma de Agua).

On idea of the author, the calendar corresponds to the concept of time conceptually: the calendar not only signals that new day has come, but is in process — passes day by day gradually.
The project purpose — to address to our feelings, and not just to reason.

Digital calendar