Thursday, October 7, 2010

The architectural award for a modern twist

Tom's Bar

Tom’s Bar, fine addition to Augustine Hotel in Prague has received the award “European Hotel Design Award” in a category “Best Café, Bar, Nightclub or Lounge”. Work has been noted as a successful example of introduction of modern vision in historical atmosphere of a building.

Luxury Tom's Bar

Lounge bar

The premise was used earlier as a beer hall and a dining room. On a ceiling fine frescos, and also magnificent metal chandeliers have remained. All it has been restored by masters, with use of traditional technologies, paints and a colour palette.

Best Cafe


The Angry Vegetarian said...

that's beautiful

Splash87 said...

Oh, I love the arched Ceilings, and those chandeliers are gorgeous.

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Pope Smurf said...

Wow, so elegant and beautiful.