Sunday, October 31, 2010

The unusual airport

Airport, GibraltarGibraltar, Airport

Better not run that red!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Crooked House. Sopot, Poland

Curve house
In the house live Jan Marcin Szancer — the known Polish illustrator of the children's book and Per Dahlberg — the Swedish artist. Building of this building has begun in January, 2003 and in December, 2003 it already pleased (and-or surprised?) a look of inhabitants of the Polish small town and tourists.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forest Spiral

Forest Spiral
The house with intriguing name ”Forest Spiral” (Darmstadt, Germany) has been constructed in Darmstadt during the period with 1998 for 2000.
The creation belongs to a hand of the known Austrian architect and the artist, well-known the revolutionary, colourful architecture. Projects of the architect very often borrow the forms the nature - for example, a dome reminding under the form a bulb.

In a building, besides 205 apartments as if "wrapped up" round court yard territory, the comfortable restaurant with a cosy cocktail-bar has.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The strangest buildings of the world

Chapel in the Rock. Arizona, USA


Dancing Building. Prague, Czechia


The Washing Mashine. Mexico City, Mexico

Washing Mashine

Kettle House. Texas, USA


Manchester Civil Justice Centre. Manchester, Great Britain

Manchester Civil

Nakagin Capsule Tower. Tokyo, Japan

Nakagin Tower

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The strangest structures of the world

Stone House. Portugal


Shoe House. Pennsylvania, USA


Weird House. Alpes, USA


The Ufo House. Taiwan


Hole House. Texas, USA


Ryugyong Hotel. Pyongyang, North Korea


National library. Minsk, Belarus


Sunday, October 24, 2010

New tower from Zaha Hadid

Business centre

Company Zaha Hadid Architects has developed design of a high-rise building which will be constructed in the centre of capital of Romania, Bucharest. The tower is edged by a graceful trellised facade.

In a building the five-stars hotel, business centre, a casino, the trading areas, apartments and an underground parking will be located.

By plans building will come to the end in 2013 year.
Total area of object of 100 000 metres square.
The tower has received name Dorobanti Tower.

High-rise building

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Live calendar


Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has suggested users to recover quite material calendar.

On a white field with dates, according to a smooth course of time, bright ink of the fine colour reminding a cocktail with ice-cream from a bilberry, a strawberry and a raspberry, which now, in the middle of July that is called, in the prime of life… extend.

Every month you need to attach in a place of viewing a blank leaf and new to bank of ink. Daily ink paints new figure which, on idea of the author, should correspond to the calendar.

Future calendar

Ink (it would be desirable to tell "bilberry") the calendar will be shown at an exhibition in Madrid (Diseño con Alma de Agua).

On idea of the author, the calendar corresponds to the concept of time conceptually: the calendar not only signals that new day has come, but is in process — passes day by day gradually.
The project purpose — to address to our feelings, and not just to reason.

Digital calendar

Friday, October 22, 2010

Valley of dinosaurs for the Chinese megacity

Chinese skyscraper

Two towers in height of 60 floors everyone will grow in the Chinese city of Hangchow, thanks to practising architects from UNStudio.

Their form has reminded us the very tall dinosaurs living on a planet the Earth once.
The project has received name Raffles City, the trading areas, offices, apartments and hotel here will be placed.
“The project philosophy — to integrate multifunctionality into a city context so that the architectural object was entered in a city landscape”, — the author of the project speaks Ben van Berkel.

Skyscraper in China

Total area of buildings — 300 000 square metres. It is planned to finish building in 2012 year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stability of new level

Level Green

The new exhibition, “Level Green”, advances importance of technologies and a sustainable development.

Curators of the project became architect J. Mayer, the architect, and Art+Com Berlin.

As for any live organism, each element of an exhibition is united in the homogeneous structures containing a content and technical installations.

The exhibition purpose — advancement of scientific research of the modern technologies perceived as necessity for a survival in the future.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hi-Tech A small house on wheels. Venice

The house on wheels

MercuryHouseOne is a small house on wheels of 21st century.

The smart on air cushion smart and mobile drawing room, work Architecture and Vision, will be presented at an exhibition to Venice in September.

The future house

Under the promise of authors, the house it will be easy to move in space, including on impassable roads of a countryside. The interior can be adapted for the various purposes.

UFO house

The small house will perfectly be entered in any environment, including the city. Outside the cockleshell is issued by marble.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unstable Foster/Nouvel

Walbrook Square

The scheme of re-equipment Walbrook Square in London, developed by architects Norman Foster and Jean Nouvel has reeled: the developer of the project has preferred to pay the penalty at a rate of 100 million pounds sterling, rather than than to carry out of the obligations on project development.

The largest Spanish developer Metrovacesa incurs losses in connection with financial crisis (5,1 billion pounds sterling); now the company is ready to pay 100 million pounds of the penalty to the owner of the project, the company “Legal and General”, for refusal of participation in the project (the investment of 840 million pounds sterling).

The area project is the general project for two well-known architects which cooperation has received name Atelier Foster Nouvel. Under the plan, round the area 4 towers should be constructed. On a piece of the earth the area of 15 thousand in sq.m. it was planned to erect about 9 thousand in sq.m. of the trading areas and 85 thousand in sq.m. office.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Viewing tower from Ateliereen Architecten

Viewing tower

The Dutch architects of company Ateliereen Architecten have finished building of a 25-metre tower in sports park Reusel (Holland). The structure consists of six steel boxes set against each other.

Tower walls are executed from the wooden logs which have been grown up in the nearest woods. In Holland more than 50 points designated on map, are samples of fine development of a natural landscape.

The Dutch tower

Visitors are recommended to park the cars far from these places, and then to investigate the nature on foot, on mountain bicycles, in horse walks.
25 metre tower located in objects of sports appointment, is the main sight of a city. The tower serves as a training complex for climbers and rock-climbers.

Two of six cubes are accessible to visitors. In the third the platform for cable car start has settled down. In the uppermost cube there is a platform from which people can take pleasure in a panoramic kind on a surrounding landscape.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hi-tech barracks. Chelmsford

Salvation Army

Hudson Architects have constructed new barracks for Salvation Army.

In new buildings the hall for divine services and a hostel has taken places.
At building modern technologies and approaches were used.
The building from a tree with the zinced roof a total area of 900 sq.m. has managed to customers in 2 million pounds sterling. In a place of building the organisation works since 1974.

English barracks

The new centre reflects two making Messiahs, giving to people a place for divine services, and also a shelter, vacation spot and joint activity.
All premises can use simultaneously; here there is a closed sports hall, a place for street games, a rest zone, a kitchen room and foyer, cafe. In a hall for divine services 320 sedentary places are equipped.

The Messiah

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The house-bridge in California

The house-bridge

The mixed place, with meadow plains and young growths of trees, and also the big ravine somewhere on the centre, a total area of 600 hundred parts, have united private construction. The house became the bridge over a ravine, having connected western and east part.

Width of the house — almost 7 metres. Has inside taken places two floors. Residential zones are located on the second floor, glass walls of these rooms leave on the south.
Outside of the house there is an open wide space, under the house — closed and very limited, with accurate structure and the form.

Above, in a bridge part, it is equipped two opened court yard. From one it is possible to get to the house, another is connected to pool and a small house for visitors. All constructions are connected by the general covering on which it is possible to walk and leave on east or western part of a landscape.

Walls and a roof are covered by steel details which outside, from any coast of a ravine, look as the bridge.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hypnos from Citroën the winner of year

Citroen hypnos

The manufacturer of French cars Citroën has presented design of kontsept-model Hypnos, a dizelno-electric hybrid which has received a rank of the kontsept-car of year from British magazine Autocar.

In the car in length of 4,9 metres automatic doors, a unique arrangement of seats and an upholstery are equipped by the components similar to a prism. The videocamera built in a ceiling observes of a look of the driver, and, depending on mood, changes illumination and a smell.

The British designer of an interior of model Hypnos, Leighanne Earley, has received award Autocar as Automotive Leader of the Future. The design has been presented on Paris Motor Show in October.

Fine proportions and practically physiological style Hypnos represents the real concept of a hybrid of technologies and appearance.

The elegant crossover unites style of a sports compartment, comfort of a sedan and a practicality of space of an off-road car. Hypnos it is equipped by new hybrid installation HYmotion4 which unites dynamic representation with ecological compatibility and allows the car to be economic, despite power of 200HP.

Hypnos offers us an effective sight at the future of cars of a class lux which will combine innovative and intellectual technologies, such as system of recognition of a voice and adaptation of internal characteristics under mood of the owner, massage armchairs, the illumination sensitive to temperature, and others.

Citroen Concept

Citroen concept car


Salon hypnos

The sizes of model: 4,9m at length, 2,17m at width, 1,58 in height, wheels of 56cm.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The house from details LEGO

James May

Likely, the house can be constructed of any handy materials. But, as they say, and in a head would not come at all, that it is possible to buy designers LEGO and with pleasure to lay out from unlimited number of small colour details real construction. James May, the fan of toys from England, has made so.

The two-storeyed LEGO-palace is located in the vineyard centre.

In the house there is even a working bathroom! Each brick is generated from 727 details LEGO. For construction of such house it is necessary more than 3 million bricks, that is about 816 million details LEGO. Very entertaining designer!

LEGO fan


Real construction

Million details LEGO

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Innovative technologies of the Polish architects


The Polish architects of company Moomoo will create the house overturning representation of the inhabitant about building materials.

All the matter is that the house is constructed of plastic as a rule, used for a roof — plastic isolating material Thermopian.

Good thermal

Thermopian has good thermal, acoustic and isolating properties, can be painted any colour what is required.

The design of the house is traditional for constructions in Poland, and is limited only by the legislation. Providing not to exceed a certain quota of square metres. There is only one essential difference about the next houses in shape — a roof as if "is lifted up" by one end of a building.
Building plan to finish in 2010.

House overturning