Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hi-Tech A small house on wheels. Venice

The house on wheels

MercuryHouseOne is a small house on wheels of 21st century.

The smart on air cushion smart and mobile drawing room, work Architecture and Vision, will be presented at an exhibition to Venice in September.

The future house

Under the promise of authors, the house it will be easy to move in space, including on impassable roads of a countryside. The interior can be adapted for the various purposes.

UFO house

The small house will perfectly be entered in any environment, including the city. Outside the cockleshell is issued by marble.


LoneIslander said...

Zoom zoom zoom!

!Cars, Cars, Cars! said...

That's awesome. You've got some good stuff on here, I'll be back.

The Angry Vegetarian said...

Looks like some cross between an insect and a robot. I want one.

Erie Enthusiast said...

The next generation of mobile homes. Interesting, but I would never want to actually live in something like that.

Splash87 said...

Looks like something from another world! Very cool.

iammyself said...

what kinda house..