Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Innovative technologies of the Polish architects


The Polish architects of company Moomoo will create the house overturning representation of the inhabitant about building materials.

All the matter is that the house is constructed of plastic as a rule, used for a roof — plastic isolating material Thermopian.

Good thermal

Thermopian has good thermal, acoustic and isolating properties, can be painted any colour what is required.

The design of the house is traditional for constructions in Poland, and is limited only by the legislation. Providing not to exceed a certain quota of square metres. There is only one essential difference about the next houses in shape — a roof as if "is lifted up" by one end of a building.
Building plan to finish in 2010.

House overturning


Ale-X said...

Too bad they'll never mass produce them

Splash87 said...

Reminds me of the wooden monopoly houses.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

Even I wouldn't live in that .

Pope Smurf said...

Less is more ;)

The Angry Vegetarian said...

Wow. Just when you thought you'd seen it all.