Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forest Spiral

Forest Spiral
The house with intriguing name ”Forest Spiral” (Darmstadt, Germany) has been constructed in Darmstadt during the period with 1998 for 2000.
The creation belongs to a hand of the known Austrian architect and the artist, well-known the revolutionary, colourful architecture. Projects of the architect very often borrow the forms the nature - for example, a dome reminding under the form a bulb.

In a building, besides 205 apartments as if "wrapped up" round court yard territory, the comfortable restaurant with a cosy cocktail-bar has.


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The Angry Vegetarian said...

I thought "Russia" when I first saw this and the name. I guess the golden dome and "forest" made me think Russia. Nonetheless, still amazing.

iammyself said...

wow that's awesome

Randy Weezner said...

thats a killer building