Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Sydney Building Company

Houses in Sydney

The company «Heddon Builders Pty Ltd» is known in the building market since 2006 as the highly professional and reliable building company, we also develop projects of houses and projects of cottages in Sydney.

As well as other building companies, we prosecutes subjects of complex building of cottages, baths, buildings of houses: from reception of the building licence and working out of the architectural project of the house and design of premises, before building of a cottage or the country house on a turn-key basis, internal furnish and repair. Sydney home builder — specialises on building of apartments and cottages.

«Heddon Builders» carry out following services:

* Projects of houses, projects of country country houses, projects of cottages the Bath building;
* Building of cottages, building of country houses in Sydney;
* Building of wooden houses, building of houses in Australia;
* Building & design of saunas;
* Reception of the building licence of a country house, the country house, a cottage;
* Design of premises, design of apartments;
* Designing and fireplace installation, design of fireplaces;
* Repair of apartments and offices, repair of premises.

Houses in Australia

The building company «Heddon Builders» offers an optimum choice of the concept of building of the house, the obligatory balance the price/quality is thus considered. The architectural project will prepare the best Home builder Sydney!

The architectural division of the building company and the design department, having huge experience in designing of country houses and cottages, designing of cottage settlements, public buildings and constructions, and also a wide experience in re-planning of apartments, will offer a wide spectrum of services in design and designing of premises. All projects of houses are approved by experts and resolved to building in Sydney.

Bathroom renovation

Besides, company «Heddon Builders» specialises on design of interiors, Bathroom renovation Mosman, re-planning of cottages, and many other things repair work.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The house on a beach by Jorge Hrdina

House on a beach

What for the house on the sea if from the house it is not visible the sea is necessary. It seems, architect Jorge Hrdina and thought, building this house almost without walls...

Glass instead of walls

In this house of a window, certainly, dominate. All structure gives ease and beauty of the general ensemble of lines and planes. Ease is supported with absence of thick columns, walls etc. which, as a rule, are necessary for maintenance of a roof of structure.

On the top floor a kitchen room and premises with the sliding doors conducting to a small terrace (platform) with several chairs and a barbecue. Before a kitchen room, a balcony and a bedroom 19 metre pool with a glass handrail has been made.


This house

Small house

Huge windows

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hotel Limes by Alexander Lotersztain

Hotel Limes

Hotel "Limes" designed by the Argentina designer Alexander Lotersztain, has opened in the end of June in Brisbane (Australia).

Cinema on a roof

On a hotel roof the bar and a cinema hall is located. The hotel is located in the centre of Brisbane which is in the Valley of Strength of mind, and known for the fashionable cafes, bars and restaurants. The open bar with a cinema hall, located on a roof, is surrounded by a bright night life of a city that is one of ingenious ideas of the architect.

Scooping inspiration on infinite travel to planes and hotel rooms, Alexander Lotersztain has concentrated on primary requirements of the independent traveller, sweeping aside standards of five-stars hotels, and it is reached through unique decisions.

Cinema hall

5 stars hotel

Lounge bar

Hotel in Brisbane

Monday, September 27, 2010

The project of the threefold bridge for medieval village

3D bridge

The Italian architects from bureau Progettospore have offered the project of the threefold bridge for pedestrians and easy transport which is developed specially for medieval Italian village. The matter is that this small settlement is on a mountain slope, at height of 480 metres.

The bridge in eternity

The concept has been created for competition on the project of the new bridge which should connect village to an external world. Project Progettospore consists of three bridges which are hanging together.

“Creating this bridge, we have drawn lines which as though are groundless”, — authors, — “that the person moving on this bridge speak, felt free, as a bird, moving in air space”.

Bridge in Italy

Threefold bridge

Unusual bridge

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The house concept have combined from leaves

House Sydney

Leaf House is a building in which people can simultaneously be and inside, and in a garden. The house, the cottage which has revived at coast in Sydney, tenants name Pavilion for Merge to the Nature. Look a video in detail showing all process of building of this unusual object.

Integration into a landscape

The building is integrated into surrounding landscape and reflects qualities; the top block mixes up among trees, the base merges with plain.

Leaf House

Nature house

Unusual object

Unusual house

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Continuous mess...


“Eifini” — so the boutique which sells lady's wear is called; under this brand works more than 180 shops across all China. SAKO Architects have thought up an interior for new shop in Chengdu.

Claret scenery

To allocate clothes subjects (as in gallery), walls, the ceiling and a floor are painted in white colour. All other interior is very simple. A counter which grows from a floor, and the long integral hanger, the nickelized pipe in length of 250 metres.

The pipe is freely twisted in an interior, softly dividing space on various zones. The clothes freely placed on a spacious hanger, create bright colour stains in an interior. Hangers are suspended on special fastenings. Besides clothes display, the hanger also carries out set of other functions. For example, near an input, the pipe frames a corridor and carries out a role of entrance gate.

Shop Eifini

Woman's shop Eifini

Lady's shop Eifini

Eifini shop

Friday, September 24, 2010

How to transform the house into dream

Kaufmann house

Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner have won a recognition in California as experts in building of houses-dreams, and also in restoration of the existing. Recently they have constructed six houses for Tom Ford and have received the order for reconstruction well-known Kaufmann house in which the new owner has lodged.

The unique business concept

Uniqueness concept business consists that is houses from preparations which deadlines are under construction in exclusive. It not any shaky designs which it is possible for itself to present, being afraid, that they will collapse from bad weather — houses Rincon are a magnificent example of steady minimalism.

Houses dream

Exclusive house

Thursday, September 23, 2010

City architecture of the future

Future concept

Sietch Nevada, work of bureau Matsys Designs is an answer to one of forecasts of the further development of a life on the Earth. In conformity with the concept, the world war for resources and, first of all, water in the near future expect.

Fresh water disappears...

Today mass-media discuss oil stocks, but for the present do not pay corresponding attention to such major world resource as fresh water.

Under the scheme, the underground project it is not simple a water basin. Authors have transformed idea into an image of a new city. The underground community is formed round channels which provide water delivery, transportation and an agricultural irrigation. The cellular form creates new typology of areas where new distribution of activity is formed.

Future expect

New typology

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sun gifts: Solar tower

Solar tower

If there should be somewhere huge solar towers for electric power generation to happen it should somewhere here — in the south of solar Spain, near to Seville. The commercial thermal solar power station first in Europe — PS 10 — has officially become operational on March, 30th this year. Power of the station erected in Spain, makes 11 megawatt.

№2: PS 20

Hardly later, in April, 2009, Spaniards have erected the second tower, is more powerful than the first twice — PS 20. The principle of work of towers is simple: the field from set of the mirrors tracing movement of the Sun, collects light and directs a sunlight on tower top, heating up a hydrochloric solution which in turn, gives energy to water, transforming water to steam.

Steam runs on pipes and, finally, twists the turbines connected to electric generators. Thanks to presence of the intermediate heat-carrier — salt weight — towers are capable to accumulate “warmly for emergency”.

Solar power

Solar station

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alternative skyscraper in New York

Alternative skyscraper

In the middle of financial buildings and inhabited towers the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut is intended to erect an alternative skyscraper. 132 floor complex will be constructed in the south of Roosevelt Island, symbolising necessity of ecological stability. The main accent of this conceptual design — attempt to create completely a self-sufficient organism which processes energy of the sun, wind, water, and also can make food, in the middle of a megacity.

Alternative skyscrapers of the future

The system is concentrated round two basic towers. They are organised symmetrically, grow not only is horizontal, but also vertically, that is important for close Manhattan.

Unusual skyscraper

Manhattan, Skyscraper

Roosevelt Island

Monday, September 20, 2010

The green fruitful project

Eco building

Harvest Green Project became the winner of the competition initiated by the authorities of Vancouver. Architects Romses Architects have offered the decision, actual in the conditions of climatic changes on our planet — and action is devoted a theme of ecology.

The green project

The primary goal of "green" projects — to create more dense green environment, to increase sensibleness of own contribution to emissions in atmosphere, stability of our future.

Green project

Harvest Green Project

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The project «Samoo Architects and Engineers»

Seoul park plan

In total quarter of the century back wholesale market Garak Wholesale Market in Seoul was only a headache of local residents. They complained of eternal problems with movement on adjoining streets and an intolerable stench from the rotten vegetables, which dealers had not time to realise because of inefficient system of logistics.

Garak Wholesale Market Reincarnates...

However, architects of the company «Samoo Architects & Engineers» have presented the project which has won competition which will recover this area and will solve weight of the problems which have arisen before.

The abundance of foot outcomes, the huge areas set with plants, good transport system, space for sports and cultural actions — all it will transform this site of wholesale trade into significant space for a city.

556,000 sq.m. will be divided into two sectors — wholesale and retail trade. In the second sector public buildings and the areas while in the second, socle, will be more spaces for large dealers will be placed.

Samoo Architects project

Samoo Architects presents

Park in Seoul

Business hall

Office building

Saturday, September 18, 2010

External creed from Kensuke Watanabe

Cross in Japan

Architectural bureau Kensuke Watanabe Architecture Studio became the author of this project: near to church in the city of Tokorozawa have erected an arch at which top the cross towers.

Cross Tower in the city of Tokorozawa

The construction is called “Cross Tower”, height of a design of 7,8 metres. The tower is made of steel plates by thickness of 28 mm., painted in white colour.

Cross Tower


Church in Japan