Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New evolutionary phase of the Darvinian centre

Museum in London

The Darwin Centre Phase II, additional case Natural History Museum in London, project C. F. Møller Architects became the main winner 2009 Concrete Society Awards.

Outstanding technologies

The building form-cocoon has been poured out on a site — this criterion became solving for a jury estimation. To reach such result, outstanding technologies and efforts were required. The concrete cockleshell impresses with the weight and the sizes.

Darwin Centre

In the estimate three key problems have been specified in building; the building should contain 20 million plants and insects, a working zone for scientists, and also spatial possibility for interaction of scientists and public. Visitors can make own round on a museum on a cocoon circle.


Pope Smurf said...

Wonderful location, as always

The Angry Vegetarian said...


Aeacus.Warden said...

looks amazing.. I would love to visit somewhere like this.

Arkanyn said...

wow that is really cool id love to go there sometime

Randy Weezner said...

man, the architexture looks soo good in there