Thursday, October 14, 2010

The house from details LEGO

James May

Likely, the house can be constructed of any handy materials. But, as they say, and in a head would not come at all, that it is possible to buy designers LEGO and with pleasure to lay out from unlimited number of small colour details real construction. James May, the fan of toys from England, has made so.

The two-storeyed LEGO-palace is located in the vineyard centre.

In the house there is even a working bathroom! Each brick is generated from 727 details LEGO. For construction of such house it is necessary more than 3 million bricks, that is about 816 million details LEGO. Very entertaining designer!

LEGO fan


Real construction

Million details LEGO


Pope Smurf said...

That's... just sick.

Primarch Solyeuse said...

Wait, I thought that was completed and torn down?

The Angry Vegetarian said...

yay for legos!