Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wananavu Beach on cape Sun Coast Resort


The general information

Wananavu Beach is a small resort far from a civilisation, ideal vacation spot for fans of the underwater world. Here you feel on paradise island, at the same time enjoying quite continental conveniences. Local ocean beaches are well-known all over the world for the diving clubs which here is 75.

Beach ResortAppearance
Small resort on an ocean coast. The hotels making a resort complex, are the typical sample of Fijian architecture.

The restaurant and bar are located in the main building, and from them the remarkable panorama of Pacific ocean and nearby islands opens. The bar works to last the client.

In all bungalows (traditional Fijian dwellings) there are fans and balconies. Bungalows are issued in typical Fijian style. In each drill there is a refrigerator and adaptations and components for preparation of tea and coffee. The design of a resort complex is developed and designed by the glorified Sydney architect.

Resort Wananavu Beach Resort is located on northern extremity Viti Levu — the main island of archipelago Fiji (2 hours from international airport Nadi). The resort is directly on cape the Sun Coast, unique kinds to Pacific ocean from here open. The small town Rakiraki settles down all in 10 minutes of driving from a resort.



Biff Tanner said...

Very cool

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I want to go. It looks so damn nice there. Almost as nice as Neverland.

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So dreamy...

Arkanyn said...

That looks like paradise

nubilus said...

looks gorgeous

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That makes my head stop hurting.

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