Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Olympic construction in Vancouver

Speed is an essence of competitions, sports, achievements, the basic component of Olympic games where compete: skiers, skaters, hockey players and other athletes. To accept the Winter Olympic Games this year, in Vancouver and district already existing buildings have been modernised and the new are constructed.

Cypress Mountain

Cypress Mountain it is located around the western Vancouver. Competitions on freestyle and a snowboard Here will take place. For Games the new system on manufacture of snow and the water tank, new zones for spectators and a path for a parallel slalom has been constructed. Building of two stadiums has begun in May, 2006. In November of 2009, the platform for freestyle became the first constructed Olympic object.

Hockey Place

Competitions on hockey will take place on two platforms, in Canada Hockey Place and on University of British Columbia Thunderbird Arena. For Olympic games has been converted Thunderbird Winter Sport Complex. The arena for competitions has been altered, is constructed two new ice skating rinks, one of which will be used for the competitions, the second — for trainings.

Vancouver Olympic

Has been constructed Vancouver Olympic/Paralympic Centre where competitions on curling will take place. The new arena from 6,000 spectator places and the adjoining akva-centre has been constructed.

Pacific Coliseum in Hastings Park

Competitions on figure skating and a short-track will take place in Pacific Coliseum in Hastings Park. Restoration works in park have begun in 1994 year. 16,000 spectator places have been replaced, the ice covering has been expanded to the international standard. For high-speed driving 400 metre track in a building by a total area of 33,750 sq.m. has been constructed.

Hastings Park

Mounting skiing resort Whistler is considered one of the best in the world, Whistler annually receives 2 million visitors. Here to the Olympic Games descents have been converted, the additional system on snow manufacture has been constructed.


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Ah, it looks brilliant!

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I was there it's one crazy place

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One of my favorite things about the Olympics is the creativity you get see when it comes to decorating, building, designing, advertising and such. Some great shots there, bro.

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This is great!

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What a waste of my hard earned tax dollars.