Saturday, September 18, 2010

External creed from Kensuke Watanabe

Cross in Japan

Architectural bureau Kensuke Watanabe Architecture Studio became the author of this project: near to church in the city of Tokorozawa have erected an arch at which top the cross towers.

Cross Tower in the city of Tokorozawa

The construction is called “Cross Tower”, height of a design of 7,8 metres. The tower is made of steel plates by thickness of 28 mm., painted in white colour.

Cross Tower


Church in Japan


Biff Tanner said...

Arch cross

Kosemartin said...

Looks like a half boat. Noah's Ark? ^^

Billy Smith said...

That's pretty awesome.

sildude said...


ripghoti said...

who said religion doesn't have good art?

Nigma said...