Monday, August 30, 2010

The Highest Building in Thailand

Skyscraper in Bangkok

Building of skyscraper MahaNakhon can become the most arrogant project of modern architecture in Thailand.

Architectural Pixels of the Cult Builder

The 77-storeyed tower has been designed by company OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), earlier working over the project of cult skyscraper CCTV in Beijing. Naturally here again has not done without creative experiments: the skyscraper will be twisted by open terraces, so called — «architectural pixels».

Bangkok, Thailand

Modern architecture in Thailand

Unusual skyscraper

For 515 million dollars it is planned to erect 1,6 million sq. foots of territory on which will take places: 200 private apartments, hotel «Bangkok Edition» with 150 apartments by Marriott Group International, and also the mixed public and commercial zones. The beginning of works on construction erection is appointed to the end of current year.

Seminar from Representative of Office for Metropolitan Architecture

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