Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The cylindrical experimental house will begin to whirl your head!

Experimental house

It's the experimental house nicknamed «Roll It». The modular prototype contains all necessary for a life within the minimum space.

Unusual Small House

Some students from University of Karlsruhe have designed and have constructed this lovely and compact small house.

Compact house

Compact small house

Unusual house

Unusual small house


Epic Fitness said...

I would soo live in that house.

sod_roger001 said...


AdPlusCommunications said...

That's nuts, I'm glad my office doesn't roll!

Ben said...

i would go nuts..

ripghoti said...

Definitely not someplace you would want to be while inebriated. Well, at least you would not want to be there to clean up the aftermath of trying to find the bed.