Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Five Longest Buildings in the World

This is a list on the five longest buildings in the world (this does no include bridges). An interesting fact about these buildings, only one of them was built in the 21st century.
Dubai international Airport Cargo Gateway
5: Dubai International Airport Cargo Gateway
This building in Dubai built in 2008 is the first in the list, being 1774m long. 

Moldin Fortress
4: Moldin Fortress:
It took from 1832 to 1862 to build this building. The 4th place of the list is a Fortress located in Poland, it's 2.25km long!

Klystron gallery, above the Standford linear accelerator
3: Klystron gallery, above the Stanford linear accelerator:
The 3rd place of the series is pretty easy to understand what and where it is based on the name. Menlo Park, California, USA. This enormous gallery & accelerator are 3073.72m (scientist are very precise). 8 years (1962-66) took to build this 3km monster.

Rainkot Fort
2: Ranikot Fort:
Pakistan, home of the more than 8km monster. The Ranikot Fort was built in the 17th century, for protection obviously. It is 8600m long giving him the 2nd place in the list.
The next building has a similar number in length, only in another measurement...

1: Great Wall Of China
Probably you imagined this was the first place, because it's famous for it's more than 5000km!
The great wall of China, built in an east to west line across the northern borders of China. It was used to protect the civilization of China from the various northern attackers. Other duties of the wall was to prevent commerce without asking for tax in return, so then all the routes of the exchange of silk, would bring incomes. 
Here they are some photos of the great wall of China
Fun fact:
If you walked the whole wall of China it would take 1716hrs, that's about ten weeks and a day!
By car (at 100k/h) it would take 3days!
Feeling like for an adventure?
The great wall of China was officially started named as the Great Wall Of China in 200BC. But, it was finished as we know it now (this is also due to reparations of the wall, expansions & fortifications) in the 17th Century! This means it took more than a millennium to finish the Wall!
The Great Wall, has an actual size of 8851.8km long! That's what makes this the winner on The Five: Longest buildings in the world.

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