Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Tower of Pisa, Italy

Tower of Pisa, Italy

The leaning tower of Pisa, also known as the Tower of Pisa, is a bell tower next to the Church of the city of Pisa in Italy. The tower is 186.27 feet tall from the ground towards the lower side and 186.02 feet on the higher side. It is 8 feet wide from the top and 13 feet from the bottom. The Tower had 296 and 294 steps and weighs 14,500 metric tons. The seventh floor on the north side has two steps fewer.

The construction of the Tower Of Pisa took 177 years. It has three different sections. The first floor was constructed in the year 1173 and it was in the year 1178 when the tower had the thirds floor, when the tower started to sink. The tower leans on one side because of a three meter foundation on unbalanced soil. The flawed design has become one famous example of architecture. War halted the construction for an entire century.


LoneIslander said...

Can't beat the classics

Suciô Sanchez said...

"Worth seeing, not worth going to see." Pisa is my least favorite Italian City.